the nitty, gritty experience of launching a blog that matters

working hard with a guided process has never been so fun. trust.


If you're tired of spending hundreds of dollars on courses that don't work or countless hours on the Internet trying to find solid info on starting an attractive blog you can grow into a business . . .

Then #BlogDirty30 may be your new friend.


On the Internet, I meet so many frustrated people who have invested time and money into learning this blogging world but still feel lost on how to start a blog that matters and grow it into something they love and can make money from. Something that other people can connect with. Maybe you know this frustration too.

Have you started blogs in the past but never really gotten them off the ground or created something you want to proudly present to others?

I am 100% here for you and I get it.

The blogging world is misrepresented so often that it can be hard to find and understand reliable information that actually works for your niche. And if you are "super over" the blogging pros who tell you that you can make 6-figures in a few months if you just follow their 10 steps and pay them $1,000, then . . . it's time to move on.

I've built a solution that I've implemented myself (on blogs of different niches) and successfully taught to several motivated bloggers in multiple industries.

It's a set of 30 steps, 30 clear items, 30 nitty-gritty-hard-work actions you can take over the next month or two to help you build and grow a blog you love and that people respond to.


#BlogDirty30 is a unique community and program
(taught by a former web designer and current full-time blogger) 
with lifetime access to all the materials.


1. The fun kicks off with a workshop on the nitty, gritty, dirty 30 steps it’s going to take.

2. Then, starting on Monday, June 13, (but don't worry--you can catch up or go at your own pace even after that date) you will get one email lesson per day for 30 days (plus access to a course website with past lessons so you can go through them whenever).

Your lessons will include pre-recorded videos, individual cheat sheets and worksheets from a course workbook, and tons of guidance that actually shows you HOW to do things, not just what to do. Plus, you'll have plenty of guidance and space for actually PLANNING a brand that matters--and not just winging it all the time.

The #BlogDirty30 experience and community take the mysterious, confusing, unapproachable parts of the blogging world completely out of the equation.

Concepts aren't just presented in theory with no examples or applications. Things will make sense. And P.S. You'll even get to see the behind-the-scenes of a secret lifestyle blog that I established (outside of my main niche--following these 30 steps) and all the traffic, sales, and growth it experiences based on taking these actions. P.P.S. I didn't use any contacts from my current brand or social media presence (through so that this new site could truly be classified as "from scratch." It's been an amazing experience that I truly believe you can benefit from.

3. You will get to join a Facebook group of epic bloggers (240 people and growing) and take part in weekly conversations/prompts, plus leave questions for me and others.

Because going it alone (or only being a part of groups where 80% of the people are at a different stage than you are) is not super fun or super helpful.

4. So, here's some of what you'll be learning and doing:

We will cover amazing foundational items such as:

  • Creating a full plan for all the pages of your website, including pages and elements that will help protect you and your business (that many people forget about).
  • Choosing the most functional and affordable email service for your email list and for your regular brand emails at your domain name.
  • Creating an opt-in bonus for your email subscribers.
  • Making a reusable graphic template for the main type of resource/content you will create.
  • Writing a clear "about" page and using your sidebar, header, and footer well.
  • Building (like actually building) a site that looks attractive and fits your needs.
  • Setting up your analytics and tracking for your website.

We will also get into brand growth items such as:

  • Planning your first paid product or service and figuring out how to launch it.
  • Creating clear plans for the two social media platforms you will use most consistently.
  • Learning how to really launch a brand from scratch and interact with people online to drive the right kind of traffic to your brand.
  • And much more. It will be an action-packed 30 days with lifetime access to the course materials so that you can always return to them.


#BlogDirty30 is a 30-lesson course broken down into the most actionable and logical sequence, complete with a community, a live kickoff event, and a special launch workbook that will help you keep up your momentum and grow your brand.

Hey, I'm Regina. And I'll be your tour guide through #BlogDirty30. I've been blogging for several years on multiple blogs, so I've been through all the trial and error imaginable.

But, I noticed something epic a couple years ago--the first blog I took incredibly seriously, and applied these 30 steps to, was the first blog to get sponsorship offers, reach over one million visitors, and employ other people full time. At, I create actionable content for creatives, sell courses and books, and am now partnering with a few key creative brands to bring in-person events to locations around the world.

All of the concepts I used to grow my blog stem from my time publishing a local Austin magazine, my time as a graphic designer and web person, and now as a full-time blogger who has tested out a ton of stuff. I will be sharing truly useful information, tips, + brand activities during this course, and I hope to see you on the inside.

Pssssst. If you want a little preview that is a part of one of the 30 lessons, grab these 13 worksheets to help you create your plan for all the pages of your website . . . and don't worry, we'll get even more into it during our class.